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Natural Probiotic Deodorant
  • Natural Probiotic Deodorant


    Made with organic ingredients, our aluminum-free probiotic deodorant was formulated to keep you fresh as a daisy.  It's packed with ingredients that help you stay dry and also fight the bacteria-caused odors no one likes to smell under their arms.


    To combat those bacteria-caused odors we use a variety of probiotics and magnesium hydroxide to get in and counteract the smell caused by the bad bacteria.  We also use coconut oil for its anti-bacterial properties.  A gentle kaolin clay and arrowroot powder help draw moisture away from the skin.


    To use:  Get a pea-size amount on your fingers and rub into your skin.  We also have bamboo applicators available for purchase if you don't want to get your hands dirty.  The deodorant washes off easily with soap and water.


    Each comes in a 2 oz paperboard jar.  (That means no plastic here!)


    Choose from 5 scents.

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