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Become an Ambassador!

Becoming an Ambassador means becoming part of our family. Our Bjol family is a community of individuals that believe in zero waste products. Our community is also passionate about developing partnerships with companies that believe in zero waste production and recyclable packaging. 

We hope that you will decide to be part of our family. Check out the perks! 

Happy Friends

Our commitment to you!

One Vision - One Mission - One Tribe


We have a dedicated Facebook group to help support one another, help with tips on your business and provide education in all things business, including continued education on attraction marketing and an eco-lifestyle brand means to our customers and ambassadors. 

We have a dedicated website filled with online certifications, special swag, special discounted products and more! 

We are always looking to support our Ambassadors, so we have a group of corporate mentors whom are also team leaders. They are experts that work behind the scenes to advocate from the voice of our eco-Ambassadors. We take suggestions and concerns seriously so we encourage our Ambassadors to reach out to our mentors for help and assistance. 

The Nitty Gritty

What is an Ambassador? An Ambassador is an independent social seller whom has their own network link and referral link to shop through the BJOL ecostore website. 

Are you an MLM or Direct Sales company? No, in all sense of the terms, we have an eco-Ambassador program where eco-Ambassadors get commission on sales through their referral link. You can however, recruit your own community by sharing your network link. This network then contributes to additional commissions. In turn they can also add their own team members. Commission is only based on sales via your website (referral link)  and your downline sales. You are not an independent 1099 employee. You take care of your own taxes through whatever payment app you choose to be paid. 

Do you give out any additional bonuses? Yes, we give a generous team and sales bonus plus rank bonuses when you meet a certain criteria each month.

What are the perks of being an Ambassador? Being able to share your website link through attraction marketing that includes both our own house made products and our partners. Which is unique to any other social selling platform. 

What is the commission amount? Our commission is 32% and paid weekly

What is the cost to join? $5 one time fee

How often do you get paid? Every Friday
*A minimum of $25 must be in your payout account before commissions are paid. 

Subject to change without notice at any time. Please see your terms and conditions agreement when you apply

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