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Catnip Kicker Toy

Catnip Kicker Toy


Our catnip kicker toys are handmade by USA Veterans and we are so excited to support them. We are also excited that with every kicker pillow set purchased a portion of the proceeds go towards the ASPCA. 


Each set of 3 is different and when your cat or kitten decide they are done with their catnip toy, there are more patterns each season to replace them! 


Made with 100%  high grade fresh cut catnip. 


Our Catnip Kicker Toys are a perfect sized toy for both small and larger breeds. 


Choose a 3 pc set of 

  • Kicker Pillows
  • Kicker Balls
  • Kicker Sticks
  • Random Set 


$5.99 is per 3 pc set

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