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Epic Washing Soda

Epic Washing Soda


Epic Washing Soda - a century old tradition.

  • Gives your laundry and cleaning an epic boost

  • Whitens & brightens fabrics, surfaces + more

  • Neutralizes & deoderizes

  • Fully biodegradable


Mama +  Baby Safe

People + Planet Safe

Earth Mineral Direved ingredients

No harsh chemicals, 100% pure Sodium carbonate

Truly hypoallergenic

Not tested on animals


10 oz sealable Tin


  • For Laundry

    For Laundry Use this in addition to the laundry detergent.  Add around a 1/2 cup to the machine and wash according to garment directions. 

    Presoak Laundry Fill a basin with 1 gallon of water and 2 TBSP of washing soda.  Let soak overnight.  Then follow the directions above.  Do Not use on wool, wilk, leather or dry clean only garments. 

  • For Cleaning

    Cleaning To clean surfaces, tiles, sinks, bathrooms, stainless steel, refrigerators, etc.  Dissolve 1/2 cup of Epic Washing Soda into 1 gallon of warm water.  Be sure to wear cleaning gloves when handling solution. 

    To clean stuck on food from pots, pans or surfaces.  Scatter Epic Washing Soda on area and then scrub with a wet cloth.  Wipe surface until area is clean and no residue is left behind. 


    100% pure Sodium carbonate

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